Kloop.kg School of Online Journalism in English
July 1-31/ #222 Ogonbayev str., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Kloop.kg is proud to announce the start of School of Journalism in English!

This is your very best opportunity to learn how to write for an international media outlet and start earning on par with journalists in Europe and USA.
Why Kloop.kg?
We strive to provide an opportunity to everyone who wants to engage in journalism and we do this through the practice — you will learn how to write news through writing, you will learn how to make an interview through taking interviews, you will learn how to broadcast events live while it's happening.

Kloop.kg School of Online Journalism has already proved, that engaging people by covering the news from the very first day is the best way to prepare journalists to work for any outlet.
Study course plan
During the 4 week course you will be producing high quality news and features about ongoing events in Kyrgyzstan. You will obtain following skills:

  • Most important principles of the news journalism in international media?
  • How to prepare an interview for foreign media outlet?
  • How to find contacts?
  • How to write a headline?
  • How to write an interesting article?
  • How to cover news from the field?
  • How to write an official request to the governmental bodies?
  • How to use new media technologies in work?
  • How to write features?
  • How to find job as fixer or freelancer?
For some of you all this things could have been look very difficult and impossible to make, but during our course we will show you, that it's possible.

Through all of this process you will work with experienced editors and they will show you how to make the best articles.

We expect, that your level of English is fluent.
Our trainer
Bektour Iskender
Kloop.kg, co-founder
Bektour Iskender — cofounder of Kloop.kg news website. He worked as an Editor-in-Chief at Kloop.kg for 7 years and during this period Kloop.kg became one of the primary sources of news for internet users in Kyrgyzstan. He covered all the main events during the last decade in the country and abroad, including 2010 April revolution in Kyrgyzstan, 2014 uprising in Ukraine and the war in the country that followed Euromaidan during Spring, 2014 and Winter, 2015, and terror attacks in Paris, France in November, 2015.

He was the first person from Central Asia, who spoke at the TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada, as a part of TED Fellows team in February, 2016.

Iskender will be main trainer for the school and will continue to work with students as editor.
Bektour Iskender speaking at TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in February, 2016
Some of Kloop graduates who wrote for foreign media outlets
Fee and duration
Fee: 300 USD
Duration: 4 weeks, starting from July, 1st
Number of students is limited for the course, please fill the form as soon as possible to reserve your place.
Kloop Media offers fellowship (totally free course participation) for two people, but you have to submit an essay to apply.
Why do you want to do journalism in English?
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